“It’s almost impossible to find a single person who can think at 10,000 feet and 10 feet off the ground in the same day. I’d highly recommend Ian to anyone trying to drive revenue by connecting their customer to the product in a more meaningful way. ” —Gabe Cooper, CEO of Virtuous

Hey, I'm Ian. I lead teams in building digital products that solve big problems.

Creating disruptive new products requires proven leadership to spark creativity and get stuff done. Diverse teams must gel around a common cause with fire in their bellies, and they need processes that make creativity a happy habit instead of attempting alchemy on a forced march. That's the kind of leadership I bring.

Product team leadership

I believe in staying Lean and Agile. I teach teams to use a powerful Design Thinking process: research, prototype, validate, then rinse and repeat. Like you, I have zilcho interest in spending weeks building experiences that wind up being great at the wrong darn things. User-Centered Design processes and a commitment to validate assumptions with the target audience are at the core. I also have 6+ years experience now leading all-remote teams.

Validated assumptions

I lead teams in using rapid prototyping and usability testing to discover optimal UX and UI, not just in theory but in reality. My cross-functional teams get engineering, design, and other disciplines, to collaborate seamlessly. This gets us from concept to deployed solution quickly and cost-effectively.

Product marketing

I apply these same tools––plus user research and market research––to help my companies better understand customer journeys and rapidly improve their product marketing strategy and funnels.

Experience, preferred projects, and rates

I have 14 years of applied experience in digital product design, Lean product management, and marketing, including nine years as head of product or team leader. Running a philanthropic tech studio at Lincoln over the last two years has brought together a number of my passions: helping people, bettering lives, and solving big problems through entrepreneurship. Learn more about my experience and accomplishments on LinkedIn. Although I've been fortunate to help start or advance numerous successful ventures, I'm most proud of these endorsements from my past and current teams.

If contracting, I prefer to work intensively on between one to three big projects per year, embedding with the team and giving my whole focus to their success. My rates vary based on the duration and terms of the contract.

My full skill stack as a CPO or CIO includes:









  • Pitches
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Interactive Event Design