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The Lively team had a vision of a fun social messaging service based around hot gifs served fresh daily.

They needed help translating some existing ideas into an all-new mobile app.


I worked within a limited budget to design a user interface that is as fun and playful as the gifs themselves.


My lean design process got us from initial briefing to a ready-to-build InVision prototype in less than 50 hours for around 20 different screens.

Probably the most interesting challenge was reducing the on-boarding friction. Browsing gifs in this interface is terrific fun and sending them even more so. I wanted new users to feel that excitement instantly, not go through a joyless "create a login/password" flow first.  Call it "try before you buy." My solution was instant, low-friction registration by phone number and SMS confirmation only after you had browsed and picked a fun first gif to send. By pushing off the harder "investment phase" until later in a pleasurable and valuable experience––a nod here to Nir Eyal's Hooked––the user is more likely to follow through.

Applied skills

  • Consumer-facing mobile app design
  • Lean UI/UX methodologies
  • Product management
  • Behavior design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Visual and UI design
  • Content creation

Use an interactive prototype

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