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Ian Hugh Patterson • San Francisco Bay Area Product Design and UI/UX Consulting


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Product design

I specialize in designing digital products that offer outstanding value to the user. They're easy and delightful to use. Getting there consistently requires a proven process that sparks creativity while getting stuff done. That's what I bring to the table.

User experience

I believe in staying Lean and Agile. I use a powerful Design Thinking process:  research, prototype, validate, rinse and repeat. Like you, I have no interest in spending months building experiences that wind up being great at the wrong thing. User-Centered Design processes and a commitment to validate assumptions with the target audience are vitally important.

User interface

I use rapid prototyping and user testing to discover what interfaces are best, not just in theory but in reality. I also prefer to work closely with the engineering team to find solutions that are cost-effective.

Experience and preferred projects

I have 12 years of applied experience in digital product design, including seven years as a team leader. My underlying passion is helping people, bettering lives, and solving big problems. I prefer to work intensively on two or three big projects per year, embedding with the team and giving my whole focus to their success.

Flexible compensation

I tailor my rates based on the duration and terms of the contract, and any stock options, tokens, or profit-sharing that are part of the compensation.




User ResearcH


Product Management


  • iOS

  • Android

  • Responsive Web

Digital & Print

  • Content Creation
  • Photo & Video
  • Pitch Decks
  • Presentations
  • Keynote
  • PowerPoint

Experiences & Events

  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Interactive Event Design



Recent Clients & Projects



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Rocket Vendor


Trustwork needed help to rapidly design and build their first product for a big client. Read what the co-founders shared about their experience...

Restore Health

As Dir. of Product Design, I helped create an  incredibly effective and scalable solution for the epidemic of behavior-driven chronic diseases.


Lively is a social messaging app based around the best gifs served fresh daily. I worked closely with the Lively team to rapidly develop different concepts and prototype designs. The resulting interface is dynamic to the gif on the screen, using a blurred and tinted version of it as the background.

The Veritas Forum

Veritas Forum

Veritas Forum is renowned on university campuses from Harvard to Stanford for events that invite students to discuss life's biggest questions. In 2013, I headed a team that did a rapid, incremental revamp of their media- and event-driven website, in addition to conducting market research on potential new products.

The Story Locker

The Story Locker

TSL is bringing Silicon Valley innovation to Hollywood story creation. I worked closely with their team to create a fundraising presentation with a compelling story arc and visuals.


Thrive Foundation

Thrive Foundation for Youth brought together renowned behavior-change experts Carol Dweck, Chip Heath, and others, to create cutting edge solutions for at-risk youth. I led a team that designed these tools––learning aids, websites, and photo and video content used by over five million young people in public schools and organizations like Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Club of America, and beyond.

Ambleside School

I helped this unique private school start-up, Ambleside School Bay Area, create their website and pitch to parents and donors.


I was the original designer of Shelfaria social network for book-lovers, acquired by Amazon. It earned praise in the New York Times, CNET, TechCrunch, and other national publications. It was also named by Mashable among the "Top Ten Most Beautiful Social Networking Sites."


I led a team to imagine and build a brand new social media product from scratch for award-winning Bible-software maker, Glo. We call it ChatBible. Think of it as the "Twitter Bible," where every verse and passage is a live conversation. Simply scroll through an elegant Bible reading interface on one side while related tweets refresh live on the right, including photos and videos, or start your own conversation.